Welcome to my… 8th currently ongoing Sims challenge!! Apparently, it seems that I cannot just focus on one thing and finish  it, instead I have to take on over half a dozen and struggle.

In honour of the 12th birthday of the Boolprop forums, this challenge was created! 12 baby girls, and 12 baby boys must be had by one sim couple. Who is the crazy couple taking on this challenge, you ask? Well, ask no more! This couple, created specifically for this challenge, are none other than Lorelai and Simon Brennan.

It turns out I may have flubbed the rules a little bit already, as I didn’t start them on the biggest lot – only the second biggest. But, uh, we’re already two babies in so I’m not starting again unless I really have to.

I am using the HTTPSBOOLPROPINDEXNETPHP naming theme, as my OWBC has the BOOLPROP one, so I didn’t want to use it again three times over.

Lorelai is a neurotic, dramatic, family orientated, artistic, heavy sleeper, and was created by yours truly.

Simon is a good, nurturing, charismatic, lucky, workaholic, and was created by my other half.